Australian Web Hosting And Why You Should Use It.

As you may have noticed Australian web hosting is much more expensve there anywhere else.
This is because the services are alsways high quality and connected directly into the internet backbone.
Australian servers are not overpopulated like other service you may find around the globe and have dedicated bandwidth.

Some of the best hosting servers in the world are called clustered hosting servers. This means that your website is actually hosted on several hosting servers at the same time and the data is distributed between them. This is what many Australian web hosting companies provide which is why the hosting costs are much more expensive.
The value in this comes from there being no requirement to pay for backup servers because your sites files are always hosted in several different servers which also have there own internal backup system. This means that you never really need to worry about data loss for your mission critcial website.

The Australian company "Domain Registration DNS" runs a world class distributed hosting service using the peer to peer model. Customers who buy a hosting account from them will have there website uploaded to fully distributed servers. The data is never just sitting on a single server and is balanced between many. This infrastructure type is called clustered computing. The moment you upload your website or data, it is then distributed to all the servers within that cluster and then further located on multiple clusters around the world. When all the servers within the cluster are operating at the same time website data is load balanced across all of the servers in that cluster. You can think of it as having multiple mirror images. This is Australian web hosting offers lightening fast page load speed because your site is being loaded from a shared group of multiple servers. If one of these servers in the cluster has a complete failure there is no need to worry. Websites are still running on all the other servers belonging to that cluster. This makes sure websites will never go down and has maximum high availability. 

One of the best hosting companies in Australia who offers this type of hosting is Domain Registration DNS
Its always best to search for a hosting provider that operating this kind of system so you never need to worry about down time on your website.

Australian Hosting

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